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Danish-Korean fine art painter June Jin (1977), Based in Copenhagen.

Artistically June Jin has traveled fare and wide, before she found her métier as a painter. After her graduation from College of visual art & design in 2000, she’s been around in decoration for museum exhibits, set decoration for TV, movies, commercials and also assisted artists like Christian Lemmertz & Peter Land in their art-production. She became a full time artist in 2007. June Jin is an international artist, showing works at galleries, museums and art fairs.

In 2011 June Jin was placed second in a Danish art talent competition. In 2012 Activits & photographer Jacob Holt (Known for his "American Pictures") invited her to exhibit with him at the Royal Academy of Art, in Copenhagen. June Jin has recieved numerous stipends, including 5 travelstipends to Korea, where she in 2014 represented International Adoptee artist, for a government funded exhibit in Seoul, Korea. in 2013, she was first shown at the largest International Art Fair, in Scandinavia ART COPENHAGEN, the same year she had her first solo exhibit in Milan & was shown at the Museum of National History, at Frederiksborg Castle.


Her expression-form is oil on canvas, oil on plexiglass & photography, and she combines all 3 variations as well.  Her paintings are fusions between the old european masters  and modern design. This is her way to up-date the traditional realistic painting technique to the modern world.

Besides creating a depth in the paintings, the plexiglass refers to the filters  like the ones we use on selfies and the filter between us and whatever reality or dramas behind the flatscreen.   The plexiglass is colored and tranparent.


June Jin also creates art projects, with socially relevant subjects and events.


June Jin's paintings are inspired by and revolves around the modern human being, our struggles within, humans beings who already has the oportunity to download the entire world's cultural history - while they're chasing around after their own identities, ambition, Growth, innovative fixes and new knowledge. Her paintings also reffers to the Father of the Creative Class, Economist Richard Florida's growht theory. Which contains of 3 main ingredientses: Technology, Talent & Tolerance.

June Jin seeks out models during her research in different kinds of creative enviroments. She has hands on every part of the process from idea, reseach to the final outcome. All depictions of persons in her paintings are authentic, sometimes mixed with made up once. She has depicted the well educated bussiness people, innovative leaders, a ballet dancer, from the Royal Theater, a Violinist from the Royal Orchestra, a female tattooer, Fellow artists, children of the Creative Class, ethnic homosexuals, transgendered males & females, including Fernanda Milan, from Guatamala, who was the first transperson to get asylum in Denmark, wich created an example to follow in Denmark for Transgendered persons. June Jin was one of the main photographers in a series of Demonstrations regarding the issue.

준 진 소개 

준 진 엥엘하트(June Jin Engelharth, 1977년생)는 순수미술 화가이자 한국계 덴마크 입양인으로 코펜하겐에 거주한다.

준 진은 광범위한 예술 활동을 펼치다 화가를 업으로 삼게 되었다. 2000년 시각예술•디자인 대학을 졸업한 후 미술관 전시 디자인, TV, 광고 세트 디자인을 맡았으며 크리스찬 레머츠(Christian Lemmertz), 피터 랜(Peter Land)등 여러 작가의 작품 창작을 도왔다. 준 진은 2007년 전업 화가의 길에 들어섰다. 준 진은 세계적인 예술가로 갤러리, 미술전, 미술관 등에서 작품을 전시하고 있다.

표현 양식

준 진 엥겔하트의 표현 양식은 캔버스 유화, 플렉시글라스 유화와 사진이며 세 가지 소재를 혼합시켜 사용하기도 한다. 그녀의 화풍은 렘프란트(Rembrandt van Rijn)와 같은 미술사적 거장과 현대적 디자인이 혼재한다. 플렉시글라스 사용은 준 진의 트레이드마크로 위대한 거장들의 기법을 현대 사회로 “업데이트” 시키는 그녀만의 방식이다.   

아트 프로젝트

준 진은 인터랙티브 이벤트, 거리 예술 등의 형식으로 사회적인 주제를 담아 아트 프로젝트 창작 활동을 하고 있다.


그녀의 작품 세계에서 영감의 원천이자 중심은 현대인, 우리의 내적 고뇌, 전 세계의 문화사를 자신의 뇌에 이미 “다운로드”하고도 자신의 정체성, 야망, 신념, 혁신성, 새로운 지식을 추구하는 이들이다. 

준 진의 모델들은 현장 답사에서 발탁된다. 준 진의 작품은 진정성이 있는 인물들이 주를 이루며, 실존 인물을 가상의 인물과 혼재시키기도 한다. 그녀의 작품은 경제학자 리처드 플로리다(Richard Florida)가 말한 창조 계급 성장이론의 3대 요소인 인재, 기술, 관용을 축으로 한다.